Clean energy for EU islands forum 2024

WIMBY’s wind energy workshop at Clean Energy for EU Islands 2024

On the 13th of May, Pantelleria became the focal point for discussions on clean energy initiatives as the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 2024 kicked off. Amidst the bustling event, some partners from the WIMBY team, comprising experts from BOKU, DBL, and POLITO, organised a full day of interactive workshops that drew the attention of the forum participants.

The highlight of the day was the immersive workshop facilitated by our colleagues from BOKU Thomas Schauppenlehner, Christian Mikovits, and Karl Bittner. Using a state-of-the-art serious planning game supported with immersive 3D simulations for wind turbines onshore and offshore, participants were transported into a virtual realm where they could develop and explore different scenarios for wind power developments in Pantelleria. The high-fidelity reproduction of the island’s landscape allowed them to evaluate potential sites and sizes of wind turbines from various perspectives.

The workshop aimed to engage stakeholders in a collaborative process to assess the feasibility and implications of wind energy development in Pantelleria. Through interactive sessions and discussions, participants were able to:

  • Evaluate potential zones for wind farm installations, considering ecological, economic, and societal factors.
  • Develop a notional plan for wind turbine locations and sizes
  • Explore strategies for achieving energy self-sufficency through renewable energy development
  • Foster dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders to support sustainable wind energy development.

The simulation game, designed to facilitate decision-making in wind farm planning, garnered enthusiastic participation from over 14 attendees in the local region. Moderated in the local language by Rebecca Hueting and Sophie Béquet from Deep Blue, the workshop provided valuable insights into the technical details of wind energy development.

During the afternoon sessions, over 30 participants from various European countries tested the interactive tools and VR, underscoring the broad interest and applicability of the initiative.

Due to its resounding success, the Clean Energy for the EU Islands organisation asked our team to extend the demo until the 16th of May, allowing more participants to experience the WIMBY interactive 3D tool and understand its potential for informed decision-making.

As Thomas Schauppenlehner emphasised:

This tool has the potential to benefit communities, local institutions, and stakeholders worldwide. Its versatility and ease of setup make it accessible to anyone interested in accelerating the decarbonisation process through wind energy initiatives.”

The workshop at the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 2024 marks a significant milestone in WIMBY’s mission to promote sustainable wind energy development and community engagement. With continued support and collaboration, we are confident in driving positive change towards a cleaner, greener future.

Don’t miss our next workshop sessions with local citizens in Pantelleria starting 30th of September 2024.

Download the workshop’s info flyers in English or Italian

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Picture credits go to the author: Rebecca Hueting | COPYRIGHT WIMBY 2024


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