D2.9 – Data on regulatory and socio-economic conditions and impacts (a)

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This deliverable presents the methodologies and the first version of the data sets or models related to regulations, governance configurations, financing sources and job creation in the wind power industry in Europe. Concerning regulations relevant for wind power deployment we offer a descriptive analysis of the ‘lege lata’ involving legal interpretation and legal fact finding. Regarding governance configurations for wind power deployment, we provide empirical studies on various forms of participatory mechanisms to potentially increase wind power acceptance. Considering financing sources, we offer an in-depth analysis of funding mechanism of the European Union. Concerning job creation, we provide a model that estimates the employment factor in job-years per installed capacity (job-years/MW) for individual wind farms. This requires as input the turbine capacities in MW, the country where the farm is located and whether it is onhsore or offshore. Outputs are disaggregated into job types and life cycle stages.