Pilot Overview

Karmøy is a municipality on the west coast of Norway, with a hilly, densely populated agricultural landscape, characterised as a well-preserved cultural landscape. Offshore wind farms are visible from large parts of the coastline used for recreational purposes.

A demonstration wind farm that can generate up to 85 MW of power is planned. The farm will also have a power line to connect to the grid and will use advanced ecological monitoring systems, including an AI-assisted bird tracker. This allows to study how wind turbines can affect birds and develop strategies to address this issue.

Pilot Challanges

A planned landscape conservation area in the vicinity of the proposed wind farm is affected, as well as three existing conservation areas within a 6.0-15 km radius. Several planning options are under discussion.

The particularity of this pilot is that the wind farm development plans are already mature and serve as a test for WIMBY’s tools and methodologies. The environmental impact assessment and environmental test site infrastructure allows the researchers to study how different offshore wind turbine types impact the local marine environment.