Pilot Overview

Pantelleria is a small volcanic island 110 km off the coast of Sicily with high potential for variable renewable energy production (VRE). The island’s own electricity grid is mainly powered by diesel generators, but due to its location in one of the windiest areas in Italy, offshore wind energy would be possible. 

Pilot Challanges

However, there are three sites of Community Importance:

  • a special protection area
  • a national park
  • an important bird area

The installation of any kind of infrastructure is restricted and the tourism sector might feel threatened due to landscape impacts.

Pilot Data

Current consumption data (2024)Current production data (2024)
7 kWh/day (domestic+services)> 90% powered by diesel generators < 10% from renewables (mostly from photovoltaic panels)
3.8 kWh/day (domestic only)~75% energy needs could be covered by wind power (2030 energy goal for Pantelleria)

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