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Appolinary Kalashnikova_unsplash

Abstract Submission for EGU General Assembly 2024 Now Open

In April you are all invited to participate at the EGU General Assembly 2024, a global gathering of geoscientists and renewable energy pioneers. Our scientific coordinator, Luis Ramirez Camargo from Utrecht University is organising a session focused on the spatial and temporal modeling of renewable energy systems, addressing climate-based assessments, land use considerations, and comprehensive energy system models.

Key Highlights:
– Explore the variability of renewable energy sources across space and time.
– Assess energy system resilience to weather and climate extremes.
– Derive scenarios for optimal spatial allocation of renewables based on various criteria.
– Examine past deployment patterns, impacts on land use, biodiversity, and more.

Be a Part of the Conversation:
This session welcomes cutting-edge research, from climatic and technical insights to environmental impact assessments and policy-making considerations. Share your expertise, contribute to the dialogue, and help shape the future of renewable energy systems. The Call for Abstracts for EGU24 is now open, so make sure to advertise your sessions and apply for travel support grants now!

πŸ“† Save the Date: EGU General Assembly 2024
πŸ“ Where: Vienna & Online
πŸ”— Learn More and Submit your abstract: ERE2.3 | Spatial and temporal modelling of renewable energy systems


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